About the Eich Issue

I am not personally surprised by the Eich’s forced resignation.

The outer right ought to admit to having a shared interest with the rabid mob of the left. At least I perceive it as such: the more that the underground left is permitted to run wild, the more recruits that we gain. It will become easier for us to sell books, earn web traffic, raise funds, and win over more serious people to our general orbit the more events like this occur.

The establishment left’s typical job, in association with the GOP, is to restrain the underground left, to slow its progression, and in turn extract rents from capitalists and some of the more upwardly mobile members of the middle class as its just reward. That Tom Perkins had to turn to a hostile interviewer on Bloomberg TV to beg for restraint rather than just picking up the phone to speak with a Democratic Party leader demonstrates that this relationship has in some way broken down during the Obama era.

KPCB and Tom Perkins personally have done more for the Democratic party than 100 billion Oakland-Occupy black-bloccers. It is most strange that he was forced to humiliate himself in front of a low-tier television lady to embarrass the San Francisco police to do their jobs, rather than simply making a phone call to a friend like a civilized person. If he’s forced to go to the press, it means that the conventional option was unavailable to him.

To the extent that radicals are permitted to predate upon capitalists by a distracted & corrupt political class, manifold opportunities present themselves to those capable of taking initiative. To be precise, the opportunities are in the protection line of business, which many politicians seem to have been keen to neglect in favor of other obligations.

Oddly enough, prospects for the outer right become better as the insanity of the left becomes less containable and more infectious.

Horror is good for certain kinds of businesses.

The Eich resignation resonates because of the widespread pretense in America that it is a sort of open society. It is not. It is a democratic country, a soft-communism country, as Hoppe describes democracy.

When individuals become afraid that their careers will be destroyed upon the whims of the mob, they will become frightened, and will look for protectors.

There are no such protectors present today. It was always a temporary illusion that dissent from the left-orthodoxy was permissible in any sphere of life.  To some extent, the left permits dissent to encourage dissidents to identify themselves, so that they can be marginalized, targeted, and eventually destroyed. It is certainly not to permit said dissenters to have any sort of political influence.

Eich’s $1,000 donation did nothing other than to make himself vulnerable to character assassination by agents of the left. If you want to preserve Western civilization (and perhaps your own skin), you will not achieve your goals by throwing pocket change to the controlled opposition.


6 thoughts on “About the Eich Issue

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  2. I have little to add to your crystal-clear analysis, other than that I have this niggling feeling that this could be a watershed moment…except I had that feeling before and it wasn’t quite, yet. When and if we get a mirror-image, with a leftist being forced out of a major corporate job because he supports man-boy love or something, it will escalate the process enough for the necessary physical separation of reaction from progressivism, into separate physical and legal nation-states. That, in my view, is the only suitable resolution, a (hopefully velvet) divorce.

    • The EEOC exists to prevent such terminations. This will not be mirrored, so it is not a promising rhetorical move to tell the left that it is risking a reciprocal backlash.

      The outer party has no fangs on this issue. Civil rights is an even more dangerous rail to step on than social security. It is crimethink to even discuss these issues.

      What makes these events watershed moments, as you have noticed, is that it represents an escalation. The conflict will only become more intense from here. Secession can limit the damage, or at least restrict it to only some sections of the continent.

      Conflict forces fence sitters to choose a side or die. The end of civil society pressures the factions to separate culturally and physically.

      This does make secession an easier political program to sell.

    • “When and if we get a mirror-image, with a leftist being forced out of a major corporate job because he supports man-boy love or something”
      Because supporting traditional marriage is the same amount of extremism as supporting man-boy love?

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