Top 10 Referrers To This Blog Since Its Creation

I felt like going through my stats today. Hopefully this will be useful to other writers in our little corner.

  1. Twitter
  2. Freenortherner
  3. Xenosystems
  4. Organic search (not too many Bing users on the Outer Right — search terms include [erotic tips on being a campus whore])
  5. Captain Capitalism (would beat Google if I included his non-US visitors)
  6. reddit
  7. Reaction Times (also run by Free Northerner)
  8. Facebook (which I don’t use)
  9. Redpillreview
  10. Nick B. Steves

This is about what I expected, except that Captain Capitalism can drive more traffic with a single link than anyone else on the list. The manosphere is a larger internet phenomenon than has been more broadly realized. They also have a number of people who are self-sustaining to varying degrees and work full or part time on their projects.

Free Northerner is up there because of his consistent Lightning Round posting. His Reaction Times has also been a daily visit for me, because I can’t be bothered to maintain RSS subscriptions anymore.

Nick Land’s right behind him: Quote Notes and other regular features send readers to and fro through the swampy horrors of the Outer Right.

NBS has provided a lot of the social glue that keeps everything together, and he probably doesn’t get enough recognition for that. I tip my neoreactionary wig to him.

Twitter probably ranks high because I don’t use any of the other social services.

15 thoughts on “Top 10 Referrers To This Blog Since Its Creation

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  2. Here are mine (crossing my fingers formatting will render…)

    Search Engines

      • Yeah, neither Dalrock nor EW (AFAIK) ever directly link me. People just cruise over on their rss fed blogrolls.

        Yeah, the Captain gave me the single biggest day ever just by adding me to his blogroll. Tho the 3 or 4 days around tr***ygate were all close to that. I need to get blogging again. Or put up a closed sign, I guess.

        I think the week in reaction posts connected a lot ppl and I should at least continuing doing that, even if I don’t have a lot of new thoughts on stuff…

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