A New Scapegoat For Failed Feminist Predictions

For over 150 years now, feminists have predicted that, once educational opportunities between men and women were equalized, American women would join men at the forefront of civilization.

This hasn’t happened, even though decades have passed during which women out-number men in universities.

Though Vox Day, we see read the new set of excuses:

Yesterday the European Space Agency landed the Philae spacecraft on a comet, a powerful step forward for humanity and science alike. However, slightly before the big moment, coverage of the event reminded us how much progress remains to be accomplished back on Earth.

A number of the scientists involved on this incredible project were interviewed in the hours leading to contact by Nature Newsteam. One of those Rosetta scientists was Matt Taylor, who chose to dress, for this special occasion, in a bowling shirt covered in scantly clad caricatures of sexy women in provocative poses.

“This is going to be a very long day but a very exciting day,” said Taylor. “I think everyone should enjoy it because we’re making history.”

No one knows why Taylor chose to wear that shirt on television during a massive scientific mission. From what we can tell, a woman who goes by the name of Elly Prizeman on Twitter made the shirt for him, and is just as bewildered as he must be that anyone might be upset about her creation. But none of that actually matters. What matters is the fact that no one at ESA saw fit to stop him from representing the Space community with clothing that demeans 50 percent of the world’s population. No one asked him to take it off, because presumably they didn’t think about it. It wasn’t worth worrying about.

This is the sort of casual misogyny that stops women from entering certain scientific fields. They see a guy like that on TV and they don’t feel welcome.

That’s nonsense.

As time goes on, the egalitarian hypothesis becomes ever less credible. When the data fails to fit the prediction, they fudge a conclusion. The hypothesis was that equal access to education, mandated in law, would help women make far greater contributions to the sciences than were ever before possible. The guess was that women are the same as men are in terms of their capacities and interests. There is no significant evidence for this proposition, and a great deal of evidence showing the opposite.

The very success of the feminist movement in overturning laws and social norms has only succeeded at providing more data to disprove their claims.

Male nature and female nature are irreconcilably different. This is an example in which social conflict ensues to no good end regarding an imagined wrecker of the grand feminist agenda. If crass bowling shirts are a sufficient demotivator to women who would otherwise become rocket scientists, what of the countless dreary hours spend studying dry texts?

The amount of time that one must dedicate towards any advanced technical field is foreboding to most men. When given the choice between thousands of hours spent in the library and thousands of hours spent watching television, the overwhelming majority will choose television.

It is even more foreboding to women, who have intrinsically less grueling and more rewarding options available to them merely by virtue of their sex.

The sexy bowling shirt is infinitely less foreboding than the grueling effort required to even contemplate working in space travel. To suggest that it is even close to a dominant factor in preventing women from becoming rocket scientists is to launch an argument against attempting to place more women into the grueling, mostly inglorious & underpaying  labor of rocket science.


9 thoughts on “A New Scapegoat For Failed Feminist Predictions

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  2. And there will be many more scapegoats to come. The more women tell men that appreciating their beauty is creepy and wrong, the more they push men away.

    Already we have a new generation of men that have been indoctrinated by our schools and the media to become either total white knights, or passive observers, afraid to even show interest. Women may be winning every gender battle, but they are losing the war.

  3. The vast majority of women aren’t in STEM because they would rather watch reality TV than shape reality with their own intellect.

  4. No one knows why Taylor chose to wear that shirt on television during a massive scientific mission.

    No one knows!?!? He told us why he wore it. He wore it in support of his friend who made it for him.

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  7. I would like to point out that this is not consistent with egalitarian principles. Feminists are not egalitarians, first of all, and second of all, egalitarianism only states that all humans should be given the same opportunities and treated with the same basic level of respect and legal representation… it makes no claims whatsoever about equality of outcome. Equality of outcome is a feminist proposition that is so easy to debunk that it shouldn’t even be brought up anymore.

    • Ease of debunking is not relevant to ideology.

      The precepts of ideology are more useful to idealogues to the extent that they’re occasions for political action. That the actions don’t achieve their stated goals can be rationalized away afterwards.

      What would you say to the feminist slogan “Feminism is the radical notion that women are people?” That seems egalitarian to me.

      If women are equal to men, then their life outcomes should have parity with those of men. That’s the logical progression that feminists use.

      (Obviously, this is not an egalitarian blog)

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