America Will Be Bypassed

The US, for longer than its satellite European states, has made a strong commitment to producing equality in life outcomes for all people regardless of race, national origin, gender, and inborn talent.

This represents an unlimited obligation that can be called in by progressives for any expenditure. Any institution or practice that produces unequal outcomes may be tolerated for a time insomuch as it provides some financing for the broader egalitarian goals of the revolutionary society. But once the political leadership loses patience with those institutions that have been granted a stay of execution, judgment comes swiftly, inexorably, and chaotically.

Other civilizations, notably the ones rising in the East, are only committed to egalitarianism insomuch as they are committed to being American colonies. But this is also the case even in long-occupied countries like Germany.

In Germany, the best-selling book on Amazon and by other book retailers for some weeks now has been a tell-all by a former prominent journalist explaining how the CIA manipulates the most prestigious media outlets in the country to reflect the wishes of American foreign policy. To students of history, this shouldn’t be a surprise. To people who still believe in the American idea with childlike illusions, this ought to be shameful.

All Western governments have similarly committed themselves to an egalitarian idea as unreachable as the egalitarian ideas that animated the Soviet Union. These missions are as doomed as the missions of the USSR were.

In the future, countries that do not follow the US down its doomed path will enjoy more success, happiness, and flourishing on their own terms. The countries that elect to follow America off the abyss of its own choosing will meet only doom.


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