Want help promoting an article or book?

A lot of new writers have come into the dark enlightenment scene over the last six months, but the same clusters of people tend to be the ones passing the links around.

If you have something good that you want to promote, here are some ways that you can get traffic from our readers:

  1. Submit an article to Social Matter or Theden
  2. Tweet at me
  3. E-mail me
  4. Submit a link to /r/darkenlightenment on reddit

Alternatively, you can leave high quality comments on blogs like Outside In and Jim. More Right also sometimes hosts open threads.

If you have a book that you’d like me to review, send me a review copy in .epub or .mobi format to my e-mail address in advance of the release with a one paragraph synopsis of the book and details about where people can buy or pre-order it.

6 thoughts on “Want help promoting an article or book?

  1. Here are a few authors that i feel are overlooked by Neoreactionaries:

    -Kevin MacDonald
    -Paul Gottfried
    -James Burnham
    -Carl Schmidt

    How about reviewing a book by one of these authors? Carlyle and Evola are getting a bit stale, especially considering that it’s usually just quotes.

    • I thought Carlyle was actually under-covered after Moldbug. Burnham certainly gets tread over to death at MPC, but they’re on the edges of our sphere. Gottfried has had no attention here, but has been gone over many times in the paleocon zone.

      Macdonald gets a ton of coverage in ethnat land.

      Schmidt I’m not familiar with and will look into it.

      • I agree, Carlyle is completely under-covered. Moldbug’s love for Carlyle did not translate to a lot NRx reading from his ouvre. I enjoyed your look at Carlyle’s “The French Revolution”, it has made my list of things to read during my commute. Keep up the great posts.

      • Thanks; that was my take also. More’s forthcoming.

        I think he’s a bit under-covered because his writing style is not what’s common today, but the same could be said of MM. MM does leaven things with pop culture references that anyone can follow.

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