Britannus Americanus: A Letter from a Jacobite

The Mitrailleuse


O Britannus Americanus! That great Spectre by which the entire World knows most keenly the Mind and Wit of the Puritan,—a Form of Mankind whose presence upon the Earth we should, as I will shortly endeavour to shew, not much have suffered without,—New England, the Symbol living and breathing of the Usurpation by which the Anglo-Saxon has found himself, in your mad Twenty-First Century, abolish’d by his own hand, in its grand Accusations against the fornication and impurity of other nations reveals itself,—if you, my Dear Reader, would countenance such a comparison,—to be Babylon’s Whore reconstituted, and the said Whore has perhaps too late begun to choke upon her Luxury and Splendour that we might save ourselves, that she might not choke us too with the Wine of her mad Fornication, our greatest Efforts to spew it from our mouths…

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6 thoughts on “Britannus Americanus: A Letter from a Jacobite

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  2. As an American of Anglo-Saxon descent I don’t share the enthusiasm for this piece. For one thing, to imply that Anglo-Saxon and ‘Puritan New Englander’ are one and the same is just not accurate. The South was for a long time referred to as Anglo-Saxon or Anglo-Norman, and it is only the fad for the idea of the ”Celtic” South (thanks to a few biased writers) that people have come to believe the Puritans and their scattered descendants were the only Anglo-Saxon colonists. I suppose it’s a lost cause to protest this mistaken belief, but I will continue to dispute it.

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