Update on a forthcoming book

I had planned to turn these three posts addressing each section of the neoreactionary trike into a $0.99 essay to put up on Amazon with a little extra material.

When I actually got to working at it, it blew up into something quite a bit longer with some more meat to it. It’s shaping up into a short eBook of about 20-35k words on the same topic, but substantially expanded into a lot of areas that I’ve wanted to cover but haven’t had the opportunity to.

The writing is also a bit higher quality than most of what I put up on blogs. It started off as a little bit too inside-baseball, but now that it has more supporting material, it’s become more accessible and probably more interesting to a broader audience.

If you already like my work, you will probably also like the book. If you want me to continue devoting time & effort to writing of this nature, a good way to put that desire into action will be to buy it and to encourage your friends to buy it. Every buck that I make off the book will go towards more time & effort towards future projects of that nature. I have a longer book project that I put on ice more than six months ago just because the volume of the research that it required took more time than I had to allocate to it.

My main goal in working on this project is to help to make a market for other authors in our space and to make my existing readers happier than I can by just blogging. Talking about fighting a culture war is just talk without producing more quality products to that end.

I should have a release data announced some time in the next couple weeks, and will be sending out advance copies for reviews. Send me an e-mail if you’re interested.

If you are too broke to buy it, but have a blog or a free account on Amazon, a timely review would be worth more to me than the money, whether or not it’s positive.

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