Left-Liberals and Right-Liberals on Race

Among modern republicans (small r), there are two politically acceptable views on race.

They both hold the view that race is not a biologically important reality beyond physical appearance. Further, they both agree that physical appearance has no bearing on any genetic trait with moral weight or an impact on ability.

Left-republicans believe that, despite these facts, white people should be made materially equal with people of other races. The racial divide in terms of wealth and status must be leveled by any means necessary — even murder, mass surveillance, property destruction, and theft are permissible. This is essentially the responsible center-left position of today, ratified by publications like the New York Times, the Washington Post, Slate, and the Atlantic, the last of which published an extensive article arguing specifically for slavery reparations for blacks paid for mostly by white citizens.

Right-republicans affirm that race is not a biological reality, but holds that any observed differences between the behaviors and life outcomes for people of different races are due to some combination of moral deficiency and bad fortune. Right-republicans also endorse Civil Rights law without reservations, which calls for equal outcomes, but they tend to blanch from the full implications of what has been passed into law, arguably in a hypocritical way. For example, it makes no sense at all to hold a position that the existing civil rights law is good and affirmative action in education and business is bad. Affirmative action is just a means of ensuring that more of the institutions legally obligated to comply with civil rights legislation do so in a predictable manner.

When voting, a person has a choice between two positions: they can choose the logically correct, but morally monstrous position of the left, or they can choose the logically invalid but humane position on the right.

Of course, the better position is to choose a set of policies that is both logically valid and humane — that which takes into account the reality of human biodiversity, and structures the law accordingly.


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